Leaders must have a Universal Moral Philosophy first

The ‘This We Believe Series”

By Melanie Garson Ph.D. & Shannon Mullen O’Keefe M.A.L.D.

In an episode of the television series Black Mirror human beings risk their lives to seek out the contents of a box in a warehouse. In doing so they encounter security — a robotic dog — which ruthlessly pursues and attempts to kill them.

What was in the box that the humans risked their lives for? (*spoiler alert*)

Teddy bears.

The humans wanted to retrieve the teddy bears to give them to a dying friend.

If that security guard had been a dad, or a grandpa, or a brother, sister, mother…

Tether Leadership Narratives to ‘We,’ and not ‘I’

The ‘This We Believe’ Series

By Melanie Garson Ph.D. and Shannon Mullen O’Keefe M.A.L.D.

Let’s be honest. Anytime we make a choice not for ‘I’ — meaning ourselves, individually — we can disadvantage ourselves.

When we step away from the ‘I,’ in decision-making, we can fall quickly into the classic game theory dilemmas: if I disadvantage myself how do I know that I will not be exploited?

This dilemma happens in decisions we make all day long: our electoral choice, our fishing rights, keeping our place in line at the grocery store, and deciding whether to foreclose on homes. The movie classic It’s a Wonderful…

by Melanie Garson Ph.D. and Shannon Mullen O’Keefe M.A.L.D.

In a world in which everything is growing exponentially around us — faster than we can comprehend — a world in which by next year 20 billion devices could be interconnected globally, where are the leaders that show us a vision to navigate this future?

A leadership thinking that is beyond November 3rd, 2020, or even November 3rd, 2024.

A leadership that offers a vision beyond the tit-for-tat spiral of election rhetoric. Something greater than “I’m not him!”

What do we want from our leadership? …

Melanie Garson

I’m a creative problem solver, educator, mediator and lawyer with an interest in impact of emerging technologies on the future of conflict.

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