Leaders must have a Universal Moral Philosophy first

The ‘This We Believe Series”

By Melanie Garson Ph.D. & Shannon Mullen O’Keefe M.A.L.D.

Photo by Aideal Hwa on Unsplash

In an episode of the television series Black Mirror human beings risk their lives to seek out the contents of a box in a warehouse. In doing so they encounter security — a robotic dog — which ruthlessly pursues and attempts to kill them.

What was in the box that the humans risked their lives for? (*spoiler alert*)

Teddy bears.

The humans wanted to retrieve the teddy bears to give them to a dying friend.

If that security guard had been a dad, or a grandpa, or a brother, sister, mother…

Tether Leadership Narratives to ‘We,’ and not ‘I’

The ‘This We Believe’ Series

By Melanie Garson Ph.D. and Shannon Mullen O’Keefe M.A.L.D.

Photo by Phovius on Unsplash

Let’s be honest. Anytime we make a choice not for ‘I’ — meaning ourselves, individually — we can disadvantage ourselves.

When we step away from the ‘I,’ in decision-making, we can fall quickly into the classic game theory dilemmas: if I disadvantage myself how do I know that I will not be exploited?

This dilemma happens in decisions we make all day long: our electoral choice, our fishing rights, keeping our place in line at the grocery store, and deciding whether to foreclose on homes. The movie classic It’s a Wonderful…

Melanie Garson

I’m a creative problem solver, educator, mediator and lawyer with an interest in impact of emerging technologies on the future of conflict.

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